Don't fall for the retirement myth.


A world-class retirement means different things to different people

I've worked with hundreds of people who are preparing to retire and hundreds who are already in retirement. It has provided me with recognition and a deep understanding of what seems to lead to retirement happiness and success.

The countless clients from all walks of life have given me insight into what themes and actions work in the real world. A world-class retirement means different things to different people -- some want to sail the world and others want to take care of their grandkids. But over the past 25 years, I've noticed there are themes that increase the chance of retirement success -- and one is avoiding the retirement myth!

Retirement TruthS

It's a new way of thinking about retirement and life. At the core, it is about making investments across three broad areas of life and being able to confidently answer nine questions:

Retirement Myth meaning


1. Create lifetime Income. Will I have to cut back or will I have enough income for my desired lifestyle?

2. Maximize portfolio longevity. Will I run out of money or will I have sufficient assets to last my entire life?

3. De-Risk finances. Will I worry about my finances or will I sleep well at night knowing my finances are secure?


4. Strengthen Purpose. Will I be bored or will I have meaning and drive that gets me out of bed?

5. Shape Values + Vision. Will I sacrifice what's important to me or will I live the life I want?

6. Grow Relationships. Will I be lonely or will I have meaningful relationships?

Retirement Myth Momentum


7. Enhance Time.Will I squander my time or will I make the most of the rest of my life?

8. Build Resilience.Will I struggle when things go wrong or will I recover quickly?

9. Upgrade Health. Will I lack energy or will I feel strong and be in good health? 


Meet the retirement financial planner

Robert is passionate about helping people planning for retirement. He’s the founder of Pacifica Wealth Advisors and has over 25 years of experience as a retirement financial advisor.

You may have seen him on Katie Couric, Dr. Phil or Good Morning America as an expert in finances. Robert is a certified financial planner as well as a CFP® Ambassador, one of only 50 in the country!

He holds a Ph.D. in retirement planning from The American College and is focused on how to make retirement portfolios last decades while providing a steady source of income.


Join the Retirement Myth Community!

The Retirement Myth Community provides online training and education to help you “escape average retirement”. Through online webinars, videos, courses, podcasts and in-person workshops in the coming months, you can learn how to create your ideal retirement. For pricing and additional information about how to join the Retirement Myth community, please contact us.

Clients of Pacifica Wealth Advisors enjoy the retirement planning process, but if you would like to learn the process to "escape retirement myths and create a retirement truth," contact us to learn about our many educational tools to help you along this journey.

Additionally, soon everyone will be able to benefit from Robert's forthcoming book:

Escape the Retirement Myth

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